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8 December, 2006

Political correctness myths gone mad

Writing in the Guardian, Oliver Burkeman investigates some of the key instances of christmas having been banned for reasons of political correctness, and finds that without exception they're either downright untrue or grossly inflated myths generated from the tiniest grains of out-of-context side-issues by those who desperately want to believe they're the victims of modern society's war on the christian festival.
A campaign which Does. Not. Exist.

I'd certainly support total public sector secularism, preventing state-funded agencies (including schools) from observing any religious festivals (laïcité), whilst leaving individuals to celebrate whatever they wish in private, but let's hear that again:

There's only one problem with the 'PC campaign' against christmas - it's pure nonsense.

[12/12/06: Follow-up.]


An excellent article going some way to confirm what i have believed for a long time. The problem it seems is the predominant right wing media circulation perpetuating these myths to the masses. The big question for me is, what can we do to stop it?

Posted by mike at December 11, 2006 11:47 AM
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