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23 November, 2006

Tough on the causes of light

The Lune Millennium Park, the cycle path following the river from Lancaster to Caton, is lit at night, not only in the built-up areas but even in the remoter rural sections.

A Caton resident has written to 'The Citizen' to complain that the 'street' lights are now left on all night rather than being switched off at 22:00 as originally planned (later extended to midnight).

In principle, I agree with her argument that it's a waste of electricity, though I don't really see the point of complaining via the 'Letters' page. Is she trying to shame the City Council, or merely self-publicising? It's a radical suggestion, but I wonder whether she's considered contacting, say, the Council.

However, the end of her letter really caught my attention:

..., the Council should switch off the lights at 10pm when decent folks should no longer be using it.
'Decent folks', eh? Something tells me she's in favour of ID cards too. After all, decent folks will have nothing to hide, eh?

People have the right to walk, cycle or ride horses along the route at any time of the day or night (so long as they provide their own light). There's no curfew, and moral guardians who'd like all compliant little sheep to be tucked up in bed by 22:00 can go **** themselves. With the lights off.

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