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29 November, 2006

Fair of face

One of the most consistently popular entries in this site is my deconstruction of the Photoshop modifications made to a studio photograph of actress Keira Knightley for the promo poster of 'King Arthur'Here's another set of examples of such modifications (without annotations).

Incidentally, the site requires one to acknowledge a copyright statement before viewing the images. Don't worry about it; though it's somewhat unfriendly (I'd argue it's poor design to alienate an audience so overtly), the stated terms are routine and the site owner isn't able to impose any greater restrictions than standard copyright law.
To put it another way: the site owner may wish to prohibit reproduction of images 'in any form', but there's no legal backing to that level of restriction, and 'fair use' provision still applies. I fully support the site owner's need to protect his/her intellectual property; nothing at the Ministry is released into the public domain, either, and I don't see the point of publishing under a creative commons licence. However, one can't ban fair use of content (which credits the original author), such as for purposes of review.

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