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18 November, 2006

..., bought the T-shirt. Er, why?

It's a bit difficult to promote individualism.  One can't exactly gather 10,000 people in Manchester's Albert Square for a rally to oppose collective action, and placards saying "Ignore slogans!" wouldn't quite work.

When the 'Individual-i' logo was first launched, I bought a t-shirt, but in hindsight that's about as ridiculous as the rally and placards. Showing support (financial, by buying merchandise, and public, by wearing it) is ostentatious participation in a collective campaign, and hence self-contradictory. Additionally, the design is supposed to read as 'I Support Individual Rights', but the 'I' is the 'Individual-i' icon, and the shirt could read as an invocation to 'Support Individual Rights', beneath a logo, which is hardly in keeping with a 'think for yourself' ethos.

Which explains why I have a barely-worn T-shirt taking up shelf space, mildly annoying me....

I'm slightly joking, of course – individualism isn't about about rejecting collectivism (read what it is about), but it's certainly not easy to sell.

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