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14 November, 2006


Did you know that UK legislation already exists to prevent food manufacturers and retailers using excessive¹ packaging?

The Guardian mentions this almost as an afterthought in an article reporting environment minister Ben Bradshaw's sensationalist advice that supermarket customers should remove superfluous packaging from the goods they've purchased and leave it at the checkout.
Attention-grabbing, but somewhat confrontational, even childish. Action needs to be taken at-source, not after purchase, and though it's important for consumers to inform retailers that they (we) don't want pointless shiny wrappers² , I don't think stunts are especially helpful.

Another interesting throwaway (sorry) statistic in the article is that since introducing a rewards scheme Tesco claim that customers take 10 million fewer carrier bags each week. Imagine how many were being given out before, and how many still are.

¹: Define 'excessive'. There's the loophole.
²: You know what I mean, H....

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