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2 November, 2006

Back off, M$

Microsoft has a new product they wish to promote via another of their products, so it's not surprising that they're pushing IE7 via Windows Update, especially considering the degree of integration between the browser and OS.

However, pushing it as a 'your-computer-is-at-risk' Critical Update, with red flashing text when one declines the download, seems less reasonable.

If one has no intention of using IE whatsoever, sticking with the preinstalled IE6 (and not using it) seems perfectly adequate. I use Firefox (other non-IE browsers exist), and have no interest in switching, so I'm not going to be sucked into Microsoft's bogus panic and accept a 15 Mb download (via dialup, at home) of a package I DON'T WANT.

I may need to install IE7 on my work PC eventually, solely for testing purposes, but there's no way it's invading my home machine.

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