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30 October, 2006

Repolishing the Firefox chrome

Lifehacker offers further tips on customising the default Firefox user interface ("chrome") using the browser's in-built settings rather than extensions.

Last time it was items configured through 'about:config'; this time it's items configured through 'userChrome.css'. The focus of the article is to streamline and remove extraneous items from the header bars for maximum viewing area. That's of limited importance to me at present, but I did remove one annoyance: the 'magnifying glass' button beside the search box.
Firefox 2 also displays the name of the chosen search engine in the box unless one enters a specific search term. Does anyone know how to remove it? I'd prefer it to remain blank until used.

Speaking of the search box: in the earlier entry about how I upgraded Firefox 1.5 to Fx2 and refined the result, I mentioned changing the default Google search box URL, '' to ''. This is probably a bad idea. I thought I was removing unnecessary branding, but that doesn't seem to be the case, and it's been suggested Mozilla receives financial support if people use the dedicated '/firefox' URL.

[Update 13/06/07: If directly editing files is a little daunting, try the more user-friendly interface of a Firefox plugin, 'Configuration Mania'.]

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