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28 October, 2006

Don't connect

Neatly saving me the need to visit Wales this weekend, my mother has purchased a new PC.  I'll have the pleasure of configuring it in a couple of weeks....

She bought from her local computer shop, responding to an offer in a leaflet. The specification, which outlined the key points without itemising every single component, as is customary, sounded basic but adequate and pretty good for ~£200.

Regretably, it's to be expected that a (male) self-proclaimed computer expert might patronise a 65-year old woman a little, but I hadn't expected him to downright deceive her.
As she was leaving the shop, having already paid, he announced that "by the way, there's no modem with that spec."

Okay, the printed advert hadn't said there'd be a modem, but who buys an entry-level PC nowadays without one? Because a motherboard, a case and a power cable weren't specified outright, would one expect them to be omitted?
Broadband providers do often provide modems, but 56k internal modems still come as standard with new PCs. I can see some logic in omitting one, but it wouldn't be usual, and definitely ought to be made absolutely clear.

After some... negotiation, a modem was installed for £15 in as many minutes, but FFS.

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