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27 October, 2006

Too spiky

Oh.  That's disappointing.

When I saw these Helmut Newton T-shirts (via BoingBoing), I was immediately interested. I'd definitely wear an x-ray image of a foot in a stiletto shoe. Yes, really.

As soon as I returned home to my credit card, I visited the site to submit an order. €32 (£21.45) is a little more than I'd ordinarily pay for a shirt, but I wouldn't object to supporting the Helmut Newton Foundation.
However, €27 (£18) for postage, presumably from Berlin, is ludicrous. That's just short of 40 ($74) for a T-shirt.

I don't think so.

[Update 1/12/06: The postal rates have been revised, to €12 for the shirt, which is expensive but not excessively so; the revision cuts over 10 off the total price.]

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