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18 October, 2006

Exploding with colour

Has everyone seen the 'paint fireworks' advert* yet?  The UK TV 'premiere' was last night, but it's been available on the web for a while.  This seems to be the best source of downloads; try the 1280x720px (37 Mb .mov, zipped) version if you're able.

I think it's wonderful; I was grinning from about ten seconds in, and I loved the climactic rainbow effect almost as much as the closing rain of pure colour.

Like its forerunner, the 'bouncing-balls-in-San Francisco' advert, 'Paint' was done for real, on a disused Glasgow housing estate, rather than as digital effects. Don't worry, hippies: the 70,000 litres of paint were water-based, non-toxic and cleaned up afterwards.

*: If I don't specify the company and product, I'm not participating in viral marketing, right?

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