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18 October, 2006

Painful handwriting

M. tells me that in addition to placements, oral presentations and typed coursework projects, his Executive MBA involves a few written exams, which do have to be handwritten.  It seems obvious now it's mentioned, but computers aren't allowed by University regulations, even for 'open-book' exams.

I seriously doubt I could do that any more. Holding a pen long enough to write a birthday card or a cheque is enough to cause me mild discomfort, but three hours of rapid, continuous writing? Barely conceivable.

Thirteen years ago, when I sat something like a dozen three-hour papers for my Finals, writing by hand was totally routine, but now I'd literally have to train for the event.

And, as the title implies, the result might be barely legible. Even I can't read my 'joined-up' handwriting any more; notes to myself need to be in capitals.

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