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18 October, 2006

Geese getting fat yet?

How can one make a precise menu selection for the 'work' christmas meal two full months before the event?  I don't even know what to have for lunch today!

There are some odd options, too, which could be fun:

Bowland Beer & Brown Onion Soup with a Giant Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire Cheese Crouton
If one fails to finish the portion, will an extremely large woman come out of the kitchen to enquire why?

Black Sheep Braised Beef with Silverskin Onions, Turnips and Carrots with Dumplings & Pickled Red Cabbage
I think you'll find beef comes from cattle, not sheep. Unless the braising chef is ovine...?

Winter Vegetable Stew with Chestnut, Parsley and Black Wax Bomb Cobs
Black whats?

Locally Produced Cheeseboard
Does that come with any cheese?

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