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17 October, 2006

Manipulating the manipulated

Here's an interesting 'time lapse' video documenting the production of a photo portrait, from the model sitting down for makeup to the finished image appearing on a billboard.

Stages in image manipulationThe starting point seems to be artificially low, with unflattering lighting, and the end point is distorted slightly further than would be normal (also note that the camera lingers on the former whilst the latter is moved away before one can study it, except with freeze-frame), but still, it's a reasonable illustration of the general point.

I'm not sure how I feel about this manipulation (of the image and the viewer. The digital work plainly goes too far, rendering the subject inhuman, but I can't honestly say I object to the results achieved using 'real world' cosmetics and techniques. Perhaps it would be ideologically correct to prefer the unmodified appearence of the natural woman* but, frankly, I don't.

[If the direct link doesn't work, try this, or this Flash version.]

*: no, that's unfair; Dove's 'Campaign for Real Beauty' isn't about rejecting cosmetics.

[Via BoingBoing]

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