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15 October, 2006

Matters arising

Some people visit pubs to get drunk.  Others attend for the conversations.  Fortunately or otherwise, drinking orange juice allows one to remember the unresolved topics.

Why is the last shot in a whisky bottle termed the 'heel tap'?
It isn't. The term refers to a small amount left in a glass after a toast, and which must be consumed before the next toast can proceed.
It comes from pre-17th Century shoemakers' (cobblers!) terminology: a peg removed as the final stage in assembling a shoe's heel.

Do most men find women's boots sexy? What is it about them?
I remember reading somewhere that of those men admitting to an overt fetish, most were drawn to female shoes. Amongst those of us less obsessed, I suspect a majority find them attractive, even titilating, though I'd be reluctant to speak for the general population, obviously.
Why are they considered sexy? I'm sure a specific psychological explanation exists, but I'm not aware of it. Speculating wildly, it could be that they combine a number of characteristics individually considered 'interesting' - heels, leather, laces, etc.

Who was the vicar of Lowgill, near Bentham, in the 1970s?
Technically it's Tatham Fell Church of the Good Shepherd rather than Lowgill Church, but beyond that, I'm struggling.

Why is the bar in 'The Britannia', Freehold, Lancaster so large?
It certainly seemed to be an anomalously large, bare space tonight, looking underpopulated even though the actual number of customers was probably respectable.
I'd guess that it was purpose-built as an events venue when the Freehold estate was first laid-out in the mid-19th Century. There are two other pubs in the locality, but they're literally public houses: drinking venues no larger than the neighbouring residences, unsuitable for meetings or dancing. Just a guess.


Ha! Obviously due to the vast amounts of cider, brandy etc consumed, all these important questions had been deleted from my brain by Sunday morning.... thanks for reminding me.


Posted by Al at October 17, 2006 09:15 AM
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