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10 October, 2006

Tempus frangit

At 'This is Broken' [16/04/08:  Site dead, so link removed] , the sink layout involving two separate taps, hot and cold, has been cited as an anomalous example of poor design, as if a combined mixer tap is the standard (with the implication that it always has been) and the alternative is an aberration.

Is that really true? Anywhere other than the USA? Having two taps is certainly the norm in the UK – or always was. Oddly enough, I'm not a plumbing connoisseur, and tend not to take especial notice of public/domestic sink configurations, but I'm not aware of mixer taps having taken over to the extent of being considered standard here.
Not that I'd complain if they did; it is a superior design.

This makes me feel old.
Certain innovations define society and individual world-views. For example, there are people – adults – who were born after the invention of the Walkman, who couldn't imagine life without portable music. Those born since the introduction of mandatory seatbelts and airbags would have a corresponding attitude to vehicle safety. I didn't encounter e-mail until I was 21 and the web until my mid-twenties, but some people grew up with them.
Are there really people who never knew a world without mixer taps, too?

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