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11 October, 2006

Closing In

Was Imogen Heap on TV in N.America on Monday night? *

This site experienced an odd traffic spike on Tuesday morning (in the UK; 22:00 Mon – 01:00 Tues in N.America), with ~17% of all visitors – that's a few hundred people – arriving via searches for the phrase 'crop circles in the carpet', an elegant lyric from 'Hide And Seek'. I thought it was just eastern Canada initially (most hits were via, where I seem to have the no.1 spot for the search term), but it's just that the western US visitors (e.g. from Salt Lake City or Houston) had gone to bed by the time I glanced at the log.

Curious. It's a lot like the time hundreds of visitors were asking about the Trough of Bowland, presumably for a quiz, but this time the spike has had a persistent tail – the contribution to total traffic hasn't dropped below 2% for ~36 hours.
To give a little perspective, that's about the same traffic volume as a page specifically about the late-2006 Jethro Tull tour, on an ostensibly specialist Tull website (well, part-website) during the late-2006 Jethro Tull tour.

*: Just checked: no, she's on tour in the UK. Maybe 'Hide And Seek' was used in a N.American TV soundtrack again.

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