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4 October, 2006

I know, you know

I hope people realise that access logs are perfectly capable of tracking content saved to other computers, not only those served directly from the website itself.

For example, if I see the following as an entry page:
file:///S:/Projects/Town Centre M60 Gateway/Projects/George Perrin/Talks/Matt/Gas holder, St George's Quay, Lancaster, UK, 2 June, 2004.htm
it rather suggests someone at 193.112.136.# (i.e. Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council) may be 'borrowing' my copyrighted content without asking.

I hope that's not a public talk being prepared, as that'd be unauthorised republishing....
Remember, web-published content has the same protection as printed matter – it's not automatically in the public-domain, and it's not okay to just take it.

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