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4 October, 2006

It's the way they tell 'em

Compare and contrast.

In an article entitled 'Higher pay for long service ruled illegal', The Guardian reports that:

Employers cannot lawfully pay some workers much higher salaries than others solely on the ground of long service.
However, it will not have an effect on women taking maternity leave, despite some reports last night that the ruling would leave women who took time off after having a baby with no right to claim the same pay as male colleagues.
The court's decision is a victory for Bernadette Cadman, a principal Health and Safety Executive inspector who took her case to an employment tribunal.
However, under the title 'Higher pay for experience 'valid'', the BBC reports exactly the same story as:
Employers have welcomed a European Court of Justice ruling which they say will allow companies to continue to reward workers for long service.
The court rejected an appeal by health and safety inspector Bernadette Cadman that it was wrong to pay more to male staff who had been in the post longer.
Ms Cadman said that because women were more likely to have breaks from work, this amounted to sex discrimination.
In its general ruling the court said experience was an acceptable way of setting somebody's pay.
The truth is probably somewhere between the two, or in the raw facts presented within the interpretation. It certainly reinforces the importance of checking at least two news sources.

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