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29 September, 2006

Note to web store managers

I prefer the option to make one-off purchases.  I don't want to have to register with a site, obtaining a username and password, merely to buy one item from a web store I might never visit again.  If, for example, I buy a scarf as a gift, that doesn't make me a regular customer of a certain clothes retailer, and I'd rather not have to provide personal details (beyond those essential for payment & delivery) which might be used against me for marketing purposes.

If you do insist on registration, and I do happen to return months or years later, I'm likely to need to use your password retrieval facility – I'm not going to make the vaguest effort to remember login details I didn't want in the first place.
This facility must respond immediately. It is simply unacceptable to say you'll send me an e-mail within one working day. Database technology eliminated that delay a long time ago – if the password is not in my mailbox within 5 minutes, you have lost my custom. Period.

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