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18 September, 2006

Barely legal

You probably know by now that I like the work of 'street artist' Banksy, so I was pleased to find photos of his recent Los Angeles gallery show.

A surprising number of pieces were 'reissues', already published in his (excellent) book, and I'm not entirely sure what he was saying about the art world by selling works for ~$100,000 each, but the photos are worth seeing.

Oh, and those who complained about temporarily dying a trained elephant pink red: reconsider your priorities.


banksy scribbles all over the place around here. it's nice to keep an eye out and enjoy each new piece. we have two only 20 yards from me right now, actually.

and re "reconsider your priorities", think you might appreciate the dry grown-upness of the reply to Question #6 on this FAQ.

Posted by Saltation at September 20, 2006 04:15 PM
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