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17 April, 2006

Cycle ride: Lancaster-Hornby-Wray-Roeburndale-Lancaster

In January 2005, I fulfilled one of my (very) minor ambitions to follow Quarry Road across Caton Moor.  See that entry for an explanation of its significance to me.  Today I followed the other route across the Moor, Roeburndale Road.

I used to use the western side more-or-less daily, from Brookhouse to my PhD research catchment at the top of the Moor, and I've followed the northern end of the road from Wray to Middlewood at least a dozen times, but I've only linked the two once or twice in 12 years, and never by bike.

I'm certainly aware it's a very hilly route (50m asl at Wray to 311m on the Moor and back to 40m at Brookhouse, with numerous undulations and 1-in-5 sections), so I kept the ride simple: from Lancaster to Wray along the Lune Cycleway (aka Millennium Park) and A683 main road, over the Moor back to Brookhouse and Caton, then home along the Cycleway again.
That worked out as 42.3 km (26.3 miles) in just over three hours (2½ moving, plus a few leisurely stops for photos), at an average of 16.5 km/h ‐ considering I usually ride to Wray at 28-35 km/h and reached 44 km/h on the descent to Brookhouse, that gives some indication of my speed on the steeper uphill sections!

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