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16 September, 2006

Cheap DVD (heavily packaged)

I was really impressed by Wong Kar-Wai's 'Chungking Express' and '2046' when I saw them via Amazon DVD Rental, and bought my own copies almost immediately.  Hence, I was rather interested to see a TV advert last night which informed me I could buy a copy of 'In The Mood For Love' (of which '2046' is a sequel) from my local newsagent for a mere £1.30 today.  If you're in the UK: quick; rush!

The only down side was that it came with an annoying amount of packaging, a veritable brick of paper. I glanced at that long enough to establish that it seems to be a copy of 'The Times', but that guarantees my disinterest, and it's gone straight to my recycling pile otherwise unopened. I wonder why the distributors thought it'd be a good idea to give away a free newspaper with a cheap DVD.

Joking aside, I do consider these 'free-DVD-with-the-weekend-newspaper' offers are ludicrous. I must be the absolutely least welcome type of customer, and I rather doubt I'm alone: I bought solely for the DVD and genuinely have dumped the newspaper unopened. Maybe the distributors only want a one-day spike in sales, but if they hope to capture new longer-term readers I think it's seriously poor marketing.

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