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4 September, 2006

Change for change's sake

Sainsbury's low-fat fruit yoghurt is sold in four-packs of individual 125g pots.  The intention is clearly for the consumer to peel off the foil lid and, well, consume from the pot, using a teaspoon.

So which fool redesigned the pots to incorporate ridged bases? They might provide excellent traction when eating off-road, but needlessly waste 2-3g of food trapped in a dozen inaccessible hollows.

Yes, it's trivial, but this sort of pointless intervention by a designer merely justifying his/her continued employment really annoys me. If it isn't broken....


Morrison's have just replaced a perfectly good cardboard outer for their 4pks of baked beans with tight plastic wrap. You can't recycle it and you can't hold it (no fingerloop).

I may email them a grumpy note.

Posted by Calephetos at September 5, 2006 09:02 PM
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