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4 September, 2006

IQ Test 2

In 2003, the BBC broadcast/published a national IQ test, first as a TV programme then via the web.  It must have been popular, as the format has been repeated for a number of other tests since then, on current events, English language and UK-centric issues.  They returned to the original topic last weekend, and I've just completed the 2006 general IQ test via the website.

I scored something like 130 in 2003; more specifically, 133 when I took it again in 2004 (I'd forgotten the questions, so I wasn't really just retaking it!). This time, I scored 130 exactly, which is... consistent, and within the top 2% of the population, apparently.

Frankly, the test wasn't so good this time – the questions themselves were cryptic, and sometimes it was difficult to comprehend what was being asked, never mind which of the multiple choices was the answer. I suppose it's to be expected, but this and the flashy graphics seemed to be more for entertainment than efficient communication and hence accurate testing. Additionally, the mechanism for converting raw scores to age-weighted IQs seemed simplistic.

Whatever; give it a try.

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