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31 August, 2006

Randomness required

One thing I ought to mention about this 'random queries' category of entries is that I'm responding to bizarre search enquires which, for often obscure reasons, successfully brought visitors to the Ministry.  Though I say "can I help?" in the intro, I'm not literally offering an answering service.

I had thought that was fairly obvious, but then again, some people look at the appearence & content of this site yet still interpret 'Ministry of Information' as an official branch of the UK Government, so maybe the very concept of 'obvious' is questionable.

Point is, I don't know whether one is obliged to pay a parking ticket if there's a clear typo in the vehicle details, and I'm not especially interested in researching it for a stranger. Likewise, I don't happen to have the address of Lancaster Prison, and can't be bothered to perform the three-word Google search that the enquirer could do for herself.

If you have a really interesting (to me!) question, I might have a go, but ordinarily the central premise stands: that I'm addressing odd inadvertent questions.

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