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30 August, 2006

Readdressing door-to-door junk mail

A day is a long time in ad-fighting.  Here are a couple of additional points and updates to yesterday's entry about opting-out of unaddressed junk mail delivered by the Royal Mail.

The company has restricted the opt-out routes. As I discovered yesterday, the e-mail address auto-responds with an attempt to dissuade the recipient, plus a form to print, complete and return by post – not by e-mail. The stated phone number has also stopped accepting calls.
Hence, follow yesterday's instructions to opt-out by post, remembering to state that you understand and accept the consequences. It'll cost you a postage stamp (which I rather resent – one shouldn't have to pay the Royal Mail to complain about the Royal Mail), but hopefully it'll cost them rather more in lost revenue as advertisers realise the target audience is declining.

Unlike the DMA's Mailing Preference Service opt-out from personally-addressed junk mail, the Royal Mail Door to Door opt-out only lasts for one year. Grrr.... Remember to repeat the process next year.
That mightn't be necessary, as the DMA is working on something more permanent, apparently. Mention of the Government's COI in that article implies that it might be possible to avoid commercial junk whilst still receiving official information leaflets.

On the whole, I'm not as hostile to the Royal Mail as these entries might suggest, but I approach all unsolicited communications with zero-tolerence – I'd kick a fluffy little kitten if it tried to deliver a leaflet, sp*m e-mail or banner ad, never mind a multinational postal company. A sp*mmer is a sp*mmer.


The royal mail website (goto personal customers, then controlling your mail has a FREEPOST address for this.

Posted by Tim at September 27, 2006 01:29 PM

Ha! That's new!

One might give them credit for finally making this available on the website, but no: this should have been there from the outset, not as a belated response to their little secret being exposed.

Posted by NRT at September 27, 2006 02:49 PM
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