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22 August, 2006

Casually comfortable

It's funny how financial circumstances evolve.

I pre-ordered 'Arriving Somewhere...', the forthcoming Porcupine Tree live 2-DVD set this morning. I had considered whether I'd like it at all (that wasn't a given – I rarely find/make time for concert DVDs, and was underimpressed by the 'Deadwing' album), but the financial cost wasn't even a consideration. At the time of writing, I don't even recall the price or postage, beyond noting they were reasonable; I simply provided my debit card details.
There was a time when I'd have had to save for this set, or undergone a much more rigorous process of deciding whether I really wanted it. As a result, it might have meant more to me.

Similarly, I paid £2,000 into my mortgage this morning, in addition to the normal monthly instalment, to pay it off quicker. Ten years ago, that amount could have supported me for three months or so, including food, rent & bills. It's not exactly disposable now, but its sudden unavailability certainly won't affect my daily life.

I hope it's obvious I'm not merely boasting about being well-paid – some would say I'm not! It's simply interesting to note otherwise unregarded life milestones.

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