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4 September, 2005

Tern Project, Morecambe

In the early 1990s, Lancaster City Council combined a need to improve the coastal defences in Morecambe with an equally desperate need to revitalise the crumbling ex-seaside resort.  The result was a major programme of civil engineering (still ongoing, well over a decade later) dressed with a large number of public art installations linked by the collective theme of sea birds: the award-winning Tern Project.

I've passed and photographed individual artworks for as long as I've been visiting Morecambe, but today I made a point of photographing every installation, plus a few other points of interest along the central area's seafront.

As usual, information in the photo captions comes from a variety of sources, but particular credit is due to the official Tern project website for identifying the titles and designers of the artworks.

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