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18 August, 2006

Cosy covers

Forget platinum discs; a band has only really made it when someone adapts its music into lullabies.

Baby Rock Records has started to release a series of 'Rockabye Baby!' albums, each featuring lullaby renditions of a particular 'alt.rock' (whatever) band's more famous songs.

The release schedule extends into 2007, and the later albums don't have samples online yet, but of those with samples, the Radiohead adaptations are excellent. I could say Coldplay music is soporific as-is, but the overtly lullaby versions sound good too. For Coldplay.
The only album I'm less sure about is the Pink Floyd one. Obviously, the originals were heavily-layered and nowhere near as simple as a melody overlaying a rhythm. That couldn't have been easy to unpick, but I don't think the reinterpretations emphasise the correct layers correctly (i.e. the selection and relative emphasis seem flawed). At least from 20-second samples, I had a trouble recognising almost half of the nine tracks.

[Via BoingBoing.]

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