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16 August, 2006

Don't you DARE

This is just about the most intense week of my working year: Clearing, whereby school-leavers who didn't quite make their grades (or, indeed, did better than anticipated) scrabble around for the remaining places on University courses.  I've already spent two 12-hour+ days on it this week, and the prospective students don't even get their 'A'-Level results until tomorrow.

Summarising wildly, the University's entire web presence during Clearing passes through this PC. I'm certainly not in charge of Clearing, but I do maintain the list of remaining vacancies, essential contact details, etc. and I'm the de facto Head of Publications. For a fortnight or so, my PC and I are fairly important.

Hence, it's something of a problem to find my network connection is suddenly unreliable. Each morning this week, I've had to reboot twice before I've had access to network drives and the web server. Normally annoying, this cannot happen right now!
What really concerns me is that if this has a site-wide cause, it might have a site-wide effect, and it wouldn't be as simple as working from a different PC.


[Update 15:55: I'm now working with two error messages in the foreground – if I click 'Okay', the computer freezes.
Discordian tech has visited, and invoked the word 'rebuild'. Bugger.]

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