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7 August, 2006


I want to be a builder.

What other job allows one to state intently at a blank wall, mutter something about it looking "about right", then hit it with one's full strength and a sledgehammer?

If that's a bit cryptic, we're entering the second week of remodelling of University House. The main entrance is closed (well, removed), the temporary main entrance is what was a window, and all but the supporting walls (hopefully...) on the ground floor have been ripped out.
It must be a little traumatic for those who have worked at the University since 1964, some of them in this very building for most of that time.


You too, huh? I tried to get into work the other day and we're missing the whole main entrance, the security gates and the circulation desks. Everything is squeezed into one back corner and fenced off. Bizarre.

Posted by Calephetos at August 7, 2006 09:38 PM
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