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5 August, 2006

A better class of fool

Amazon DVD Rental is foolproof (no, this isn't an advert).

A little orange envelope arrives in the post. Open it by tearing off the tab displaying one's address, and there's a plastic clamshell case inside, itself containing, say, 'Cinema Paradiso'. Open the case, drop the DVD into a player, and enjoy a touching (if l-o-n-g) film. Then pop the case back into what is now a prepaid envelope back to Amazon. Drop it in the post.

Then, a couple of days later, whilst inserting, say, 'A Zed And Two Noughts', discover and remove 'Cinema Paradiso' from the player.

Aw; bugger.

Incidentally, don't make the potentially expensive mistake of sending one of your own DVDs in the envelope – Amazon's stated policy is that you won't get it back.

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