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4 August, 2006

Well done, Tesco

Some supermarkets* have made efforts to discourage the use of one-use plastic carrier bags, but Tesco has introduced a scheme to positively incentivise reuse.

Many customers use loyalty cards to collect points as they shop, to be subsequently redeemed for money off future purchases. The plan, nicely obvious in hindsight, is to award additional points for each bag the customer provides, including Tesco bags reused from last time.

I'd also support the reverse, 'stick' model, whereby retailers charge for bags, but credit is due to Tesco for a 'carrot' measure which not only saves resources but also makes the customer feel good about helping – very important.

*: An exception would be Sainsbury's, who briefly offered a similar, cash-based, money-back scheme but inexplicably withdrew it last year.

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