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2 August, 2006

Can't feed and comment

Does any RSS/Atom/etc. feed recognise and distribute commented-out content?

In order to claim my feeds at Bloglines, as Neil suggested, I need to place one identifier code in my blog template and another in a blog post. Both are in comment tags, so aren't visible on the page. Bloglines then checks that the latter code appears in my feeds.
Yet it doesn't. If my feeds ignore commented-out content, that's not going to happen. Confused....

[Update 06/08/06: It seems some blogging software/hosts do omit commented-out code. Having checked with Bloglines, I can confirm that it's possible to omit the '<' and '>' characters (the Bloglines verifier ignores them anyway) i.e. '!-- ckey="[number]" --' instead of '<!-- ckey="[number]" -->' This means the confirmation code will be visible in a posting, and hence should appear in one's feeds.

It worked for one of my feeds but not the other (and half a result is no result, if I'm going to merge feeds). Perhaps it needs a bit more time.

It's great that Bloglines offers this facility, but it'd be even better if it simply worked. Several people have said they had problems claiming their feeds at Bloglines, so at least I'm not alone in struggling!]


They shouldn't :) . You can include comments in feeds in the same way as you can in web pages.

I had a few problems initially with claiming feeds on Bloglines but it did work eventually.

Posted by Neil T. at August 2, 2006 09:01 PM

I can't get this to work're definitely not alone in the struggle!

Posted by Hilary at August 20, 2006 05:23 AM
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