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1 August, 2006

Working the M$ way

By default, WinXP lists the contents of the 'My Pictures' directory as thumbnails in Windows Explorer and 'File->Open' dialog boxes.  Some may like that, and it can be enabled for other directories containing image files, but I prefer the file details (name, size, type, date & attributes) to be displayed, so disable thumbnails and choose 'Details' view.

To save others the frustration of numerous attempts, I'll just tell you: this isn't possible for 'My Pictures'; it's a system folder and Microsoft has 'helpfully' locked the thumbnails in the 'on' position. I can't imagine why.
One can disable them in Windows Explorer, and turn them off in 'File->Open' dialog boxes, but the latter adjustment is 'per use' and isn't saved for next time.

The simplest solution is to avoid putting anything in 'My Pictures'.

Another issue that I've yet to resolve: 'helpfully', Windows Explorer always defaults to the 'My Documents' system folder when opening. Anyone know how to prevent that, and preferably have Windows Explorer open in the last-used folder/sub-folder?
I can set 'My Documents' to be an alias of C:/, of course, but I was just wondering whether there's a cleaner way.
[Update 14/09/06: Largely solved.]

Note that any oh-so-witty comments about using OSX or Linux instead will be deleted without hesitation. Not interested.

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