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28 January, 2006

Cycle ride: Arnside-Silverdale-Lancaster

Today's ride partly repeated one I did last August, but since this is January and one can't rely on long afternoons, I decided to eliminate the long 'lead-in' by catching the train to Arnside before cycling home via Arnside Knott, Silverdale and Carnforth.

As I've described the route in full before, I don't think I need to explain it again in great detail (there are additional notes with the photographs, anyway), but in summary it was:

  • From the station to Arnside Chippy (the best I know).

  • Back to the station to eat overlooking the Kent Estuary.

  • From the station, again, to Arnside Knott car park.

  • On foot to the viewpoint (not the summit itself, this time), for photos which didn't really succeed in the haze; I've only published a few.

  • Back to the car park, then on foot, with the bike, through the woods to the far side of Arnside Knott, opposite Arnside Tower. The path is actually a bridleway, so I could have ridden, but I preferred to walk and besides, it's good PR for a cyclist to walk on what most pedestrians think is solely a footpath.

  • On to, and through, Silverdale, admiring the prismatic fire station, past Wolf House Gallery to the end of the road at Jenny Brown's Point. I stopped there for a few minutes to explore the shingle beach and a curious gravel bar/jetty. I haven't been able to discover anything about its origin, unfortunately.

  • Across the saltmarsh, following the footpaths of the Leighton Moss RSPB reserve, to the Warton road.

  • To Carnforth, then home along the A6.

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