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7 July, 2006


Whoa.  I had a broken wisdom tooth removed a few minutes ago.  Obviously, local anaesthetic numbed the roof of my mouth, but it feels totally absent.  If I raise my tongue, it's as if it's exploring a void extending up into my cranium.  Very odd.

£80 for that and a minor filling. When I went private, my mother suggested that "at least you'll get good mouthwash for that price", but I didn't get any. I've been robbed!

I did get plenty of anaesthetic, though. I don't think I've ever experienced a totally painless filling before (not that I've had many fillings, and not counting the rather intense pain of three injections). This one was only a slight pressure and the odour of burning tooth. Perhaps the dentist used extra anaesthetic for the main task, which was similarly painless, though accompanied by rather distressing sounds of cracking and tearing.

The filling was a necessary chore, but I'm really pleased the wisdom tooth has finally gone, and I've been looking forward to the appointment. The tooth has been causing problems intermittently but regularly for almost two years, and it'll be great to get that side of my mouth back.

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