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2 July, 2006

What's in your mailbox?

Everyone uses Thunderbird as a mail client, right?  Thought so.¹

Having bought a new PC, I've also upgraded from er, v.0.6 to the latest, v. I was using the old version pretty much 'out of the box', but I might as well configure it properly now.
Which extensions do you recommend? I've installed 'Buttons!', primarily for the 'Previous/Next Message' functionality (as opposed to the default 'Previous/Next Unread Message' arrangement). What else would revolutionise my e-mailing experience?

¹: That was rhetorical. If, bizarrely, your answer would be 'no', and you're ecstatically pleased with Outlook Express or something, I'm pleased for you, but don't need to hear about it, okay? I'm looking to tweak Thunderbird, not switch to something else.


Other than Buttons!, which I also use for the magical 'delete all of my spam now, please' button, I have the following extensions:

Webmail - lets me use my Hotmail account with Thunderbird
Enigmail - for GnuPG encryption support
Nightly Tester Tools - lets you easily re-enable extensions which won't work after TB has been updated (also works with Firefox)
mozPod - synchronises my address book contacts with my iPod

They're not very ground-breaking though - TB is already pretty good as it is.

Posted by Neil T. at July 2, 2006 06:27 PM

Have they done an extension that launches a tomahawk cruise missile at the sender of every email identified as spam?

Posted by Tim Hall at July 2, 2006 08:39 PM

Neil: Thanks, but they look little specific for me!
I handle sp*m a little differently: I check my POP mail while it's still on the server, using a basic utility called JBMail. Having glanced at each message in that and deleted anything dodgy/unwelcome, I open Thunderbird.

Tim: Sure; just click on the following link for the firing codes. I'm afraid the EULA is in Russian, but don't worry, it's nothing sinister, and probably won't add you to any databases or install anything unexpected....
[URL Quarantined] ;)

Posted by NRT at July 2, 2006 11:08 PM
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