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1 July, 2006

All mine

I spent the two hours between 16:00 & 18:00 in the garden, reading*.

When I say 'the garden', I mean Williamson Park, as that's how I treat it.  I can almost always find a quiet corner and reasonable privacy (not quite enough for nude sunbathing, but the world isn't ready for that gross horror and net increase in global albedo anyway).

Today, though, I had the place almost entirely to myself. I could sit on the edge of the old bandstand with only a couple of dog-walkers in the distance. I wonder why....
[In a few months that'll be too cryptic, so I'll answer my rhetorical question: today was the semi-final (or something) of the football World Cup, in which England played... some other national (not that 'England' is a true 'nation') team.]

As if I had the slightest interest: have the English been kicked out of the World Cup yet?

*: 'Century Rain', by Alistair Reynolds. On the strength of books (by other authors) I've ordered from Amazon, the matching algorithms keep recommending Reynolds', so I'm trying one.
Two hours only covered the first 167 pages, so it's a little early to make conclusions, but it seems okay, if not as 'good' as the novels which triggered the recommendation. We'll see.

[Update 18:55: Not penalties again! As I said, football doesn't interest me, but I wouldn't have wished that déjà vu ending on anyone.]


The English are out. Now those of those who enjoy football intrinsically can enjoy the later stages of the competition free from the Neanderthal / thugee element.

Posted by looby at July 2, 2006 08:54 AM

A.R is good, but heavy. By which I mean don't take three of his novels out and then try to get them all home in one ride. I have Century Rain and Redemption Ark by the bed, but am currently racing through Charles Stross - who I do recommend.

Posted by Calephetos at July 2, 2006 02:13 PM
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