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30 June, 2006

Too old for MySpace?

In the Guardian, Charlie Brooker has a bit of a rant about MySpace.  I think I agree with him, but it does have a purpose.  Everyone has to start somewhere, and the 1990s Geocities 'my first home page' has evolved into the MySpace 'my first blog'.  Last year it was BlogSpot, next year it'll be something else.

Self evidently, I have some presence on MySpace, but it's primarily just a marketing tool directing 'young people' to the main Ministry site.

[Update 12:22: That was mildly alarming. I posted this entry at 10:42, and at 12:10 received a request to add Fish as a 'friend' i.e. establish a reciprocal link to his MySpace site. Coincidence, or did someone in his team visit the Ministry? Either way, sorry they (you?) had to ask – I wasn't aware Fish was on MySpace.]

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