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28 June, 2006

It's here. Sort-of.

Good news: my new PC arrived yesterday.  I've only got as far as deleting the preinstalled sample software and starting to install the software I will want, so it's a bit early to comment on performance, but it's looking good up to now.  I have been able to configure the interface to resemble WinXP Pro (which, the way I have it, looks like a stripped-down Win98).

Bad news: I've broken it already. Immediately after installing my camera's software, the DVD+-RW drive ceased to be recognised by the system (and a shortcut to connect to the internet vanished, and the GUI reset itself to default, but they're trivial issues). It looks as if the device driver is corrupted, and I'm having major problems finding a replacement copy. I've contacted tech support, and am about to contact the drive manufacturer.

In the mean time, it's of very limited use. I can access e-mail and the web (lucky, as I need to download 32Mb+ of Windows Updates – via dialup), but can't copy any data across from my 'old' PC, nor even my e-mail address book and browser bookmarks (no way of reading a CD-R, you see). I'd deleted a 60-day trial of Paintshop Pro, but hadn't reinstalled my licenced (if old) copy, nor Photoshop, so I can't work on photos/graphics, either.


[Update 10:00, 29/06/06: It's fixed.

I borrowed an external hard drive from ISS, so I could at least transfer my data whilst waiting to hear from the manufacturer's tech support. Unfortunately, WinMe couldn't see it. I decided not to waste time on a side-issue, and tried Plan B.

I installed the DVD-ROM drive from my old PC in the new one (in theory, I'd be able to burn CDs on my old CD-RW drive and read them via the old DVD-ROM drive). Plug and Play worked, but Device Manager showed the same error. At least this suggested the problem was in Windows, not the specific device driver. Hence Plan C.

I'd already tried a System Restore, which had failed, but I'd only attempted to restore to a point immediately before I thought the problem had occurred. This time I restored to a much earlier point, pretty much the factory default. Yay!

Back on track, I spent the rest of the evening – all of it ‐ repeating what I'd already done on Tuesday, reinstalling all my software.]

[Update 13:34, 29/06/06: The manufacturer's tech support responded to my e-mail 35 hours and 57 minutes after I sent it. Effectively, that's 1½ working days. Not wonderful. Neil took less than eleven hours to offer the same advice. ;) ]


Have you tried using System Restore, to go back to when the DVD drive worked? You'll lose most other system changes since but at least the drive will be working.

Posted by Neil T. at June 28, 2006 12:38 PM

For some reason, System Restore didn't work. Could be wrong, but I suspect that it can't handle unexpected changes to files that were't supposed to have been modified, so prob. weren't logged and backed-up.

Posted by NRT at June 28, 2006 01:19 PM
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