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28 June, 2006


E-mail .sig of a Green activist who keeps sp*mming an internal newsgroup at the University:

Give a man a fish
and he'll eat for a day
Teach him to fish
and he'll destroy an entire eco-system.
I doubt he sees any contradiction between this statement and being anti-globalisation, pro- self-sufficiency.

And these people expect votes, never mind an audience.


I'd say that was either very tongue-in-cheek or highly misguided.

Posted by Neil T. at June 28, 2006 12:39 PM

Aye. If it was a joke, he misjudged his audience (general University staff, not Greens).

Posted by NRT at June 28, 2006 01:12 PM

Apologies to the author of the .sig I found so irritating. It seems it was originally intended for an audience of Greens, who might be more accepting of the 'joke'. It was reposted to the University newsgroup by a different person.

I have no problem with environmentalists (though as a former PhD student in Environmental Science, I'm not a believer myself) so long as it's kept between the individual and Gaia, exactly as I have no problem with christians so long as I don't have to hear about their beliefs.

On the whole, I'm quite a tolerant person ;) but I unashamedly make an exception for evangelists. Can't stand 'em; I regard forcing one's opinions on others uninvited is simply unacceptable.
It could be argued that I do that myself, here, but this is, after all, my own personal site, not a public discussion group. It's my own property, and no democracy. I don't oblige anyone to read my content (and conversely don't unreservedly offer a right of reply...).

In my view, the Greens are the evangelists of the environmentalist movement; not satisfied with living by their own morality (which is fine), they proselytise.
At least in Lancaster, they're particularly unsubtle about pushing their pseudo-religion. It's rarely "this would be a good idea" or "have you considered...?", it's "you must do this" or "... is wrong.", and invariably the issues in question are grossly simplistic.
For the sake of my own blood pressure, I generally just ignore them, but occasionally they emit something so stupid I can't resist writing about it.

Posted by NRT at June 29, 2006 10:53 AM
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