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21 June, 2006

Impulse buy

When I bought my first PC in 1993 or '94, it was a big deal: too expensive to pay-off all at once and since I was a student, my credit rating was insufficient for the finance agreement.  In effect, my mother bought me a PC, and I paid her each month.
Buying my second PC, in 2001, was a shocking anticlimax.  It was almost too easy to buy by debit card, and my immediate reaction was 'is that it?'.  Weird feeling.

A few minutes ago, I bought my third PC, the same way, and it was still unsettlingly easy to spend ~£900 (~$1,700). The big difference is that I've moved on (rightfully so!) and that's no longer a daunting amount of money.

It was also an easy purchase. I didn't bother doing intensive research this time, neither of specifications nor retailers. I've known for at least six months that I ought to upgrade, and the recent hot weather focused my mind (my existing PC overheats and literally screams at me when the room temperature exceeds 20°C), but as recently as this weekend I didn't think a purchase was imminent. Even two hours ago I didn't think I'd be buying a computer today!

Let's hope delivery is as straightforward, and there are no problems.

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