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3 July, 2006

As seen on TV

Is that really still a selling point?  I could imagine that in the 1950s and 60s 'As Seen On TV' implied a certain glamour, even credibility (though I'm not sure of the rational basis for the latter) but I'd have thought the novelty would have worn off by 2006 and potential customers would be more self-motivated.

That's the general point, but a couple of recent examples seem especially odd; items one wouldn't expect to be advertised on TV, nor marketed in those terms.

A few weeks ago, I bought a red pepper (the vegetable, not the magazine) from Sainsbury's, unpackaged but with a sticker attached. Alongside the barcode, the label identified the item (a pepper? really? I thought it was a potato) and stated 'As Seen On TV'.

I'm glad I spotted that. I was about to buy a green pepper, but swiftly abandoned that proletarian mundanity for the veg of the gods (or celebrities, anyway). Jamie Oliver himself might even use red peppers in his cookery, so I simply must, hoping a little of his stardust might rub off. The extremely remote association between my mate Jamie and I (we both cook with red peppers, you know) might make me even more attractive to women. Hmm. Perhaps Jamie isn't the best example.

Similarly, I noticed a shelf banner (if that's the correct term) in the on-campus bakery today, advertising that their sausage rolls are 'As Seen On TV'.
So what?

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