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3 June, 2006

Eat this

The Register reports that a visiting fellow in evolutionary psychology at Newcastle University had his IT privileges withdrawn for publishing an essay on 'Why vegetarians should be force-fed with lard' (a patently non-literal title) in his personal, Uni-provided web space.

Apparently, if Nikolas Lloyd had been an official member of staff, the University would have defended his right to free speech (and initially did so), but as a visiting fellow, he didn't qualify for protection under section 43 of the Education (No 2) Act 1986, and senior University management surrendered to veggie complainants.

One side-effect is that the veggies have succeeded in exposing Lloyd's views to a far wider audience than they would otherwise have received. Now that he has uploaded the 'offending' site to his own domain, hosted elsewhere, I'm pleased to link to the essay.

And no, I have no interest whatsoever in presenting the counter-argument; it's not for me to offer a right of reply here to Lloyd's content elsewhere, and I wouldn't wish to. Contact him, not me. Comments on the issue itself are welcome here, as always, but mere veggie propaganda will be deleted without hesitation.


Morrissey is a veggie.

End of argument :)

Posted by Tim Hall at June 3, 2006 06:23 PM

Whatever makes him happy. Er....

Personally, I have no problem with vegetarians. Of my close circle of friends in Lancaster, eight (plus me) are omnivorous, two eat fish & veg and two are veggie. It's not a topic of conversation that's arisen, and I wouldn't be interested in debating it. I eat meat, they don't. They have no right to dissuade me, and I wouldn't be interested in listening.

My objection is to evangelists, in this case for vegetarianism, attempting to suppress a dissenting opinion, insisting others surrender to the 'right' mindset.

Posted by NRT at June 3, 2006 09:47 PM
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