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1 June, 2006

Eh? Eh?

Ugh.  It's been a **** of a morning, and it's still only 10:35.  A punctured tyre is never a good start, and I don't enjoy gathering evidence for a lawsuit against a student, but the infuriating issue is J's ears.

He has a problem of some sort, which is affecting his hearing. I don't like repeating myself (it's a known introvert thing), so I've been hassling him to see a doctor, and he's been given a prescription for a multipurpose antifungal/viral/bacterial spray.
Yet he won't take the prescription to a chemist and actually obtain the spray. Apparently, doctors can't diagnose common ailments, they issue speculative prescriptions just to get rid of people, and anyway, they're on commission from the pharmaceuticals manufacturers. R-i-g-h-t.

That attitude is less than endearing and his welfare is of limited personal interest to me, but it irritates me that anyone would risk his/her health for such stupid reasons. He's 23 now. How would he feel at 46, his hearing having been permanently damaged by a trivial – if treated – infection?

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