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27 May, 2006

Innovative utility bills

Thrilling subject, eh?  Okay, okay; I'll keep it brief.

My father tells me that electricity bills in Norway now include a bar graph allowing one to compare current household usage to that from the same period last year.  I think it's a great idea which would certainly encourage me to minimise usage.

I suppose this'd be easier to implement in a nation with a population of 4 million than one with a population of 60 million, but that's what computers are for, and I hope this reaches the UK some time.

Preferably soon - it took about a decade for 'chip-and-pin' debit cards to cross the North Sea....


My friend who was living in Utah had the same sort of thing on his electiricity bill when I went to visit him. Certainly sounds a good idea.

While not energy related BT's online bill now has graphing, with pie charts with time and type of calls etc. Not very useful to me as the quaterly bill rarely touches 10 (trying to managage this more effectively seems barely worth my time..)

Posted by dan at May 27, 2006 11:59 AM

They do that here in British Columbia, for both electricity and natural gas. I would think it would be a pretty simple thing to do.

Posted by Jon. at May 29, 2006 08:18 PM
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