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23 April, 2006

Walk: Tarn Hows, near Coniston

I was tempted to try a variant of yesterday's aborted walk today, on my own if no-one else was interested, but I had a better offer instead.

For various orthopedic, education- and construction-related reasons, it's been a while since I last walked with A & A – years, in fact – and I'd missed their choice of walks: low-level and following relatively obscure routes derived from local guidebooks. Today's linked various public footpaths and forest roads, taking us from Coniston to the popular 'beauty spot' of Tarn Hows via Yewdale, round the lake then back to the village. It didn't have the same bleak grandeur as a high ridge walk, nor notable summits, but it's not about trophies, and it was good to see the valley countryside, with its lambs and wild flowers. There were a few good views of the mountains, too.

I won't provide a long narrative of the walk, since anyone wishing to reproduce it should be able to do so by examining a map in combination with these photos. It's certainly worthwhile.

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