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26 May, 2006

Extended support

I was in late this morning, so J. took a phone message for me.  Someone had called from Kraków, wanting help with her laptop.  That's Kraków, Poland, ~1,700km (~1,000 miles) from Lancaster.  Unfortunately, it was sufficiently unusual that J. presumed I'd know all about it, so he didn't bother to take a name or contact details (grrr...).

It's rather unlikely that Helen would have travelled the 300 km from Warszawa on a whim, not least because she'd probably have had to travel last night in order to be there by now, and I definitely rang her at home at 21:00 local time!

That means it was P. or J., both of whom are in Kraków, respectively for work and holiday. It's kind of sweet that they'd think of me for tech support help, but I know virtually nothing about laptops and there's not much I could have done from here ("Have you tried rebooting?").

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