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21 May, 2006

Kiddie tagging

Remember getting lost as a child, temporarily mislaying your parents when they inconsiderately wandered-off?  I still have a clear memory of suddenly being alone in the EPA supermarket in Stavanger, Norway, aged seven.  It was near the shoes aisle.  I think the first time I was announced over a PA system was in Chester's BHS branch.  Ah; memories.

Now some busybody has devised ID bracelets for children – not invasive ID cards, but simply colourful bands noting the parents' mobile phone numbers. Where's the fun in that? Are future generations to be deprived of essential formative experiences?

Joking aside, it's a nice, simple idea. Pity about the way it's being sold, though:

Allowing children the freedom to explore, learn and develop, providing the child with the opportunity to let their intellect grow through self discovery.
A veritable thesaurus of buzzwords, and about as grammatical.


Kiddie Tagging - for a brief moment i thought it was a new graffiti fad...

Posted by kpmop at May 21, 2006 10:26 PM
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